Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An interesting turn of events!

There has been an interesting turn of events in "the adventures of Honey and Prime." Okay, so it actually just involves Honey but it is interesting none-the-less! Honey has been chosen to be featured in a pilot episode of an Animal Planet show! (I KNOW, what the heck, right?) There has also been talk f a forever home. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I know several of you out there are kicking yourselves for not scooping her up sooner! Stay tuned...more details to come!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The adventure has come to an end...or has it?

Sorry it's taken me so long to update! Life is flying by here in the Good household but I wanted to give everyone some closure on the "adventures of Honey and Prime." The last few days with her were a whirlwind! We played and loved on her as much as we could as the day to give her back to her foster mommy drew near. Honey and Prime had one last rendezvous with Simba the night before she left.
Cody and I said our goodbyes to "the baby" and Amy, her foster mommy, was totally excited to see her again!
It was bittersweet to see her go. Sweet in the sense that we have our life regular, non-puppified life back but bitter in the sense that she really brightened up our days and Prime loved her. That's not to say he didn't love having Simba all to himself though...

"What, mom? The little one is not here anymore so it's okay, right?"

We'll miss her but hope her new home will be close enough that we can possibly set up some play dates!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Honey v. Prime- Who is the Lion King?

Sorry for the delayed post! Had some technical difficulties yesterday. I have embedded a video of Prime and Honey which involved a little tug-of-war over the precious Simba. (Ignore the mess. We brought in Prime's old bed and with all of their horse play, the stuffing is coming out.) Please note, all of the noise is from the little tiny chick with brown spots who is so appropriately named Honey because she's so sweet, right? ;-) The big blue guy can care less about her vocal antics. ha ha Check out the look he shoots her at the very end of the video though. Guess we know who the lion king is!

Well, that was meant to be yesterdays post. Today's post involves giving a little insight into Honey's personality. She is a little spitfire but she really does great with our routine. She is obviously still learning but as long as we get her outside as often as we can she doesn't have many accidents in the house, and if she does, it's just a little pee-pee. She is crate trained but will let you know when she's unhappy. She plays really well with Prime! She has a lot of "get-up and go" though so the family she finds a home with will need to be prepared to find a way to expend said energy. ha ha She gets so excited when a new person walks into the room and doesn't mind cats at all. In fact, she wishes ours would play with her but they're not interested. ha ha She truly deserves to be loved so if you know anyone interested in a puppy, send them to her petfinder page (link to be found by clicking her picture on the right.) We still have a few more days with our little bundle of energy...I mean joy so we're going to enjoy it! Look for more of Prime and Honey's antics over the next few days!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Prime's got a knew P.I.C. (Partner in Crime).

Off they go!

It began with some inspection of each other and a bit of "this is how I do it" according to Mr. Prime.

Then began the "follow me's" and "getting to know you's."

Then came the teaching...

"Wanna try? Watch me first."

Then it happened...

"Hey, I think you're ready!"

He slung her about for a moment and she had this as a reply...

They kissed and made up.

Another day in the books! (Whew...)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Adventures of Honey and Prime-Introduction to Honey

Honey is a puppy that is up for adoption out of the rescue, PitCrew.org. Her foster mommy, Amy, is on a well deserved vacation so Cody, Prime and I are puppy sitting! Thus far in our adventure the difference between how Honey is at
her age and how Prime was at her age is astounding! Prime was always a happy dog but so easy! Not quite so with her. She is a little ball of energy! She's doing wonderfully with her potty training as she's only had a couple of accidents. What we're most thankful for is that she slept all night without a peep! We put her crate in the same room as Prime's and they kept each other company.

Prime doesn't quite know what to think of her as of yet. He sure does love to smell her though. Its as if she smells different each time he comes near her. The big oaf needs to learn how to treat something the size of his tail as he sorta pummels her over. He's quite gentle just overly excited still.
We sometimes give Prime stuffed animals and this was a good way to positively reinforce his loving interactions with Honey (and to give him a distraction from her, to be honest) but Honey fell in love with Simba. Prime didn't mind sharing!

Honey ended up laying the smack down on Prime though. Simba is now hers.
Honey is in love with Cody. In reality, this blog should be called the adventures of Honey and Cody. ha ha She follows him around and snuggles with him most of her waking time. They've made dinner together, wrestle, and she especially loves laying near his feet. She'll even sneak a nibble now and then! What a stinker.

She loves to play in the front yard! We hope she finds a great home. Maybe it can be you? Isn't she beautiful?!?

Stay tuned for more from the adventures of Prime and Honey!