Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Adventures of Honey and Prime-Introduction to Honey

Honey is a puppy that is up for adoption out of the rescue, Her foster mommy, Amy, is on a well deserved vacation so Cody, Prime and I are puppy sitting! Thus far in our adventure the difference between how Honey is at
her age and how Prime was at her age is astounding! Prime was always a happy dog but so easy! Not quite so with her. She is a little ball of energy! She's doing wonderfully with her potty training as she's only had a couple of accidents. What we're most thankful for is that she slept all night without a peep! We put her crate in the same room as Prime's and they kept each other company.

Prime doesn't quite know what to think of her as of yet. He sure does love to smell her though. Its as if she smells different each time he comes near her. The big oaf needs to learn how to treat something the size of his tail as he sorta pummels her over. He's quite gentle just overly excited still.
We sometimes give Prime stuffed animals and this was a good way to positively reinforce his loving interactions with Honey (and to give him a distraction from her, to be honest) but Honey fell in love with Simba. Prime didn't mind sharing!

Honey ended up laying the smack down on Prime though. Simba is now hers.
Honey is in love with Cody. In reality, this blog should be called the adventures of Honey and Cody. ha ha She follows him around and snuggles with him most of her waking time. They've made dinner together, wrestle, and she especially loves laying near his feet. She'll even sneak a nibble now and then! What a stinker.

She loves to play in the front yard! We hope she finds a great home. Maybe it can be you? Isn't she beautiful?!?

Stay tuned for more from the adventures of Prime and Honey!

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  1. Awww, she is so cute! And apparently has quite the foot fetish! LOL LOL Maybe you could set her up with a shoe salesmen or a pedicurist! LOL She looks SO FREAKING TINY next to prime!!!!

    I think she and Tootie should have a play date. She is just his size!