Monday, September 20, 2010


Prime's got a knew P.I.C. (Partner in Crime).

Off they go!

It began with some inspection of each other and a bit of "this is how I do it" according to Mr. Prime.

Then began the "follow me's" and "getting to know you's."

Then came the teaching...

"Wanna try? Watch me first."

Then it happened...

"Hey, I think you're ready!"

He slung her about for a moment and she had this as a reply...

They kissed and made up.

Another day in the books! (Whew...)


  1. It's like... the dance of the sugar plum fairy!.... But with bigger teeth and feet!

  2. What a great series of photos! And all so cute. Prime's such a cool guy and Honey is too adorable for words! I'm glad he's showing her the ropes (pun intended) ;-)

  3. oh my what a cute picture that is of them kissing i love it